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For us, it took two years to actually see the site to grow "BIG" (in terms of our own specific niche). After a year full of daily updates, promotion, etcetcetc (no advertising tho, this is 100% hobby) we got to around 150k page loads a month. Second year passed and we were around 500k pageloads a month. Now third year has almost passed and we're at 2.4M pageloads a month. It takes forever -- even google doesn't give you good results unless you spend countless hours to build your "rep" -- to get Joe Average's linking back to your site from their personal websites, etc. You might think that this is pointless idea, because they send around 2-10 users to you a month from their geocities' pages, but trust me, it's not. Google _loves_ sites that have thousands and thousands of sites linking to it, even that majority of those small sites aren't necessarily related to your niche.

But hard work (and I mean 70-100hrs a week), tons of luck and interesting niche -- that's our recipe, even that we're still far, far away from becoming an "actual company" with employees, etc (with current ad rates, it would require maybe 10x the traffic we have now -- or one ad sales guru :-).
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