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First of all - what system are your server running? I see your site uses PHP, so I'm guessing Linux - but it's also available for Windows, so it's just a shot

Anyway, if you're running a Windows server and have the .NET framework installed you might want to check out AdMentor.NET. I haven't tried this software out yet, but a couple of friends uses it on a website. Also I don't know how many inquiries this software makes to the databases, but hope fully not 4 - that seems a little high IMHO.

I'm also looking for the right software to get my own adserver running, and had been looking at phpAdsNew for some time. Although I haven't tested it yet and had no idea that it's hammering the database like that. I read about this another place too, but since no body had replied to it I figured it was just a one-time thing.
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