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Arrow What is your favorite Email client?

Please only vote once. Please tell us which client you use and why you like it. Frankly, Iv'e had it with MS Outlook Express and it's numerous security holes and the ability of third parties to "exploit" my email with nasty stuff. Finally, I can't even look at the headers of my POP email and deleate the ones I don't wan't before I download them. That nasty "I send you this file in order to have your advice" attachment virus is still around so this is really important.

For the last few days Iv'e been testing and using Pegasus Mail at

This client is 100% Free and appears to not be "spyware". It's got an incredibly small memory footprint and seems very stable and fast. The single feature I love the most is File > Selective Mail Download which lets me quickly look at the headers and deleate those nasty attachments email from my server which saves me tons of download time. Unfortunetly, I don't see a feature to import all my Outlook Email.

And you?
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