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Ben, we're not judging your site; but the market niche in which you are positioned.

If you speak to the publishers of the top gaming sites, you'll hear that rates are way down in this arena. This is across the board, with even quality sites receiving pitiful CPM rates.

Just look at how the gaming networks are doing. CNET has turned its back on its affiliates, UGO has reduced its payments to $1CPM for its best affiliates, while relegating the others to far lower rates (One of my film-related sites was supported by UGO, and saw rates drop to $0.15CPM before I dumped them). Snowball/IGN has also dropped most of its affiliates, while offering minimal support for those who remain, eFront has faced severe criticism for offering bare-bones rates and eUniverse has reduced its network to one that supports popups only.

None of us have relegated to the acceptance of low rates. I think you'll find that everyone who actively participates at Geek/Talk (including many webmasters of gaming sites that launched long ago), continue to push their sites to the networks and to individual advertisers.

You may think of yourself as a leader, but the truth is that there are thousands of gaming sites that have come before you and attempted to pull off what you are hoping to achieve. You may indeed be able to see success through dedication, wisdom and contacts (as many of us do), but you'll have to launch the site and prove its worth before any network will consider you. The only sites that can gain elite network support prior to launch are those that are affiliated with major brands, or whose pockets are filled with VC dollars.

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