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Sorry Borga, looks like I was posting at the same time as you, and duplicated most of your comments. Anyway...

Ben, I wish you good luck (sincerely).

Hiring your own sales team may be the way to go if you are unwilling to settle for anything less than $2CPM/banner. You will, though, have a hard time justifying that rate for below-the-scroll banners, and you'll have to "walk the walk", rather than "talk the talk" to attract that rate for above-the-scroll.

Part of the reason for the ad depression is because advertisers have wisened up. Their now looking back at the experimental run-of-network and run-of-site campaigns that they've run over the past few years, and are looking for data to help them accurately calculate their ROI. Many will ask you for valid traffic figures and demographics before signing up with you, and will then ask for their figures to be audited after the campaign (this is standard with large-scale campaigns). If you expect to place those $2CPM banners on your forum pages, you will soon chase away all of your advertisers.

Those figures are incredibly optimistic even for a forum that receives the strong, targeted viewership that this one, or SitePointForums receives - let alone a gaming forum which are a dime a dozen.

We're not trying to patronize you, but simply to caution you not to base your business model on unrealistic expectations. That's the path that many pioneering Internet companies took - and we all know where AllAdvantage,, eUniverse and Snowball are now.

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