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Great coverage, Mr "internet vigilante" Shubitz. With a tag like that assigned to you, you sound like the hero of a retro arcade game, Steve.

This press coverage has been spectacular in scale. For those of you who aren't familiar with the Aussie press, Sydney Morning Herald is the nation's biggest daily paper. The Dale Begg-Smith story that Steve mentioned above was featured on page 3 of the weekend edition of SMH, which is a very big deal. A lead-in was presented on page 1, associated with the title "Ski champ's online ****s exposed."

A scanned copy of the article, as it appeared, may be found here:
(reproduced in good faith, for editorial purposes)

The local current affairs program that was interested in this story has apparently decided not to run with it, but with the story appearing in the Sydney Morning Herald and The Australian, the country's two biggest papers have been covered. Looking beyond what some see as a vendetta against Begg-Smith, this level of coverage will, at least, bring spyware into the vocabulary of the average internet user in this country. In doing so, hopefully it will help to make net users more security conscious to better equip them against those who would attempt to prey upon the unprepared.

There's no doubt also that this level of coverage would have aroused attention from local law enforcement agencies, which might ultimately help to clarify any doubt concerning Begg-Smith's guilt or innocence in relation to these accusations.

If he's innocent, that's truly fantastic. Unless our competitors are keen to keep falling over, we Aussies need all the Winter Olympians we can get our hands on. If he's guilty, kudos will have to go to Steve, Ben Edelman and the other cyber sleuths who worked long and hard to uncover the "evidence" that has been leveled against AdsCPM and its related entities.

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