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I was hoping this would surface at last

I and I suspect anyone else in Oz or with an interest has been furiously e-mailing and 'phoning any contact they had.

I suspect DBS has all the hallmarks of a sociopath: no real belief that anything he has done is wrong and no sense of guilt. Manipulative and ruthless in pursuit of his gains. As in many of these cases they get caught out by hubris.

Have you noticed how virtually all the web sites and domain names have dissappeared?? Go, go, go web archives!!

Although there may not be a will to investigate and or prosecute in Oz if as the news stories suggest there is some interest in NY then something good may come out of this.

There would have been an apalling sense of frustation if there had been no mainstream uptake of this guy and his companies. Maybe there will be further follow-ups. Live in hope.

Never give in.

Congratulations to all the investigators here and at the other sites.

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