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IE will be including a pop blocker in version 6.05 which is supposed to be available in a few months I believe. The pop blocking will also be included in the version of IE that comes pre-installed with whatever the next OS version is.

I have mixed feelings about the product. While I plan to buy it and use it (unless the network I use for most pops buys it themself) I hope that it doesn't get too widespread. The more popular this gets the more pop-blockers will work to block it.

The other fear I have is that there's really a simple solution to blocking pops even if the publisher is using AdOutput Max and that's to block the servers for the ad networks. Unfortunately this will also block the banners and on page ads.

I don't think AdOutput Max supports this but I'd really like to be able to detect pop blockers and banner blockers separately. My personal feeling has been that I won't block people who use pop-blockers but I will block people who use banner blockers. That's a decision each publisher will have to make for themself.

And back on topic - the ad formats and forced pops work great. I think AdOutupt Max really has the options publishers are going to want to see.
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