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Oops, looks like I opened up the same can of worms again

I'm not going to get into a long rant, but I, too, have spent thousands of hours of blood, sweat and tears on the site I mentioned above in which I have tried to enable a DHTML pop-up ad.

The movie reviews take DAYS to write: they are not written by some spotty teenager in his bedroom. The one on the page I linked to (of 'Kill Bill') was edited and resent to me by the reviewer about six times. He had to go all the way to the cinema, pay 7 to get in, spend two hours watching the movie, and then write/edit the detailed review for several hours. I had to spend several hours finding movie stills, trailers, formatting the page etc. etc.

The revenue from the site is minimal relative to how much work goes into the reviews etc. 98% of people visit the site, read the world-class reviews, and then leave without earning me a penny. Therefore, I don't see any harm with presenting the visitor with a DHTML ad on every few pages...

If you buy a movie magazine then by my reckoning at least 60% of the space is advertising or advertorial - and you are paying 3/$5 for that!

My site is less than 30% advertising space and is free. If people don't like that 30% advertising, they should not steal my revenue by installing banner and pop-up blockers, software which overwrites my affiliate links, and instead go down to Borders and *buy* a movie magazine - or visit some other site. It's their perogative. I have never forced them to visit my site.

Why should me and other hard-working webmasters sacrifice our time for nothing. I have been working 70-100 hours on my websites for the last five years, in which time I have no social life. Tomorrow is the Muslim Christmas and guess what I'm gonna be doing - spending the whole day on the bloomin' PC updating one of my sites, not having the time to meet a single person.

Like somebody posted above, if all adverts were filtered out from between TV shows (the technology is there because advertising uses a different signal, but companies won't allow such TVs to come onto the market), then there would be no more 'free' TV programmes. Ditto the internet.

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