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Default terms of service

When you download ad supported programs like kazaa or other freeware program, they place a cookie on your computer stating that you agree to their terms of service, which in the case of many freeware aps includes the right to change your default homepage using whatever technology they or their software providers choose to use. Those cookies can be called up by popup providers who partner with freeware companies to confirm consent. So instead of PAYING for your theft of music, you choose to get ads (or scumware as many people refer to it on this site) - of course to some people, the scumware is horrible so they try to remove it while finding new ways to steal music without ads, for example (like kazaa lite). Then when the advertisers "fight back" some users take issue with the fact that their theft of music is being distracted by advertiser's attempts to reach the end users who benefit from the free software in exchange for said ads. Interestingly people on this board ARE PUBLISHERS/ADVERTISERS and its obviously and ultimately a JEALOUSY issue driving the urge to knock down other advertisers who find clever ways to reach the end user.
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