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Steve : aha, yes, I havent seen that one for a while, I forgot about it (actually, I probably havent seen it since 2001 )

its been said that the geeks in this thread are not "decieved" by such banners, but we make up a small % of the internet populus. Lets turn that one around shall we?

Maybe our "geeky" connections are optimized (some of ours - mine certainly arent - a small % of a small %). That means that only a tiny % have been "decieved" by these ads, and are geeks anyway, so as said before, we wouldnt have clicked..

a paradox of sorts!

the vast majority of peoples connections are not optimised.
The suit is not for us geeks (probably because we didnt click), its for the newbies and others who clicked. But the ads were relevant and truthful for them, so I cant see a claim for deceptive text.

actually, after reading the site given, the case has nothing to do with the text, its the fake interface I guess my rant is completely inconsequential. ill be quiet now

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