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im going to go ahead and disagree with you a bit...i would venture to say that about 70 out of those 80 clicks were people that were "confused" or "deceived" into clicking it... i agree with darnell - we all know what we are doing ... we are "geeks" so to speak, but we make up a very small percentage of people on the web. i wish that i could share with everyone here some of the transcripts of conversations that we have with people every day, and these are typically even more experienced users than the "base" user..... and the questions still astound me. Again, I refer to my earlier post on this one....the main problem in most of these ads isn't just the confusion brought about by the "X" buttons, and dialog-box-looking-things....but the fact that they are also trying to intentionally prey on the naivety of internet users in general - who don't know the difference between ads/dialog boxes/real warning messages/fake ones...

Steve - i agree with you in the sense that there are no real damages here - the lawsuit i imagine will not get very far in a damages or monetary sense...but then again, there are no real damages that come from a SPAM email...or at least the two are essentially the same...meaning the damage is basically the time it takes me to hit the delete button, etc... -- however, we ALL want SPAM to stop...and some of us are quite testy about it... I know of a couple of people on this board that have shared my experience with an anti-spam-fax-guy, who wanted a certain amount of money (lots) for every perceived spam mail that we "sent" him, based on an old anti-fax law.....

What I am trying to input into this thread, with little success , is the idea that whether or not the ads deserve a lawsuit or not, which is certainly debatable....the advertising world as a whole, I believe, needs to step up to the plate on a whole bunch of fronts. That includes everyone, ... webmasters, networks, the graphic designers that put the ads together (do you remember your "Manifesto"... probably not ) , the merchants that make them available.....everyone.... there needs to be integrity in the online ad my opinion it is a very critical message. The further we slip down the slope as a whole group, the more the consumers will simply ignore us.

Everyone here agrees on the "theft"ware stance, the SPAM, etc... I think this one goes in that group, and should be addressed that way.

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