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Hi Edwin,

Here is my opinion

On a basic level what makes things "exciting" isn't just the pay rate - but the dream of earning a lot of money with a particular program. High pay rates obviously contribute to the dream, but they aren't the only factor.

Other things you could emphasize to build the dream include: how easy to get sign-ups, how much money a person/site could earn, what you top affiliates are earning, total commission paid out etc.

Referral programs also contribute to the dream, but in my opinion are more favorable to the vendor (in getting their program wide spread at minimum cost) than the affiliate. For a lot of affiliates referrals to any program are never a money spinner. My own experience (with a lot of referrals) fits this.

Regarding pay rates, minimum checks etc. Very low minimum checks and high referral percentages tend to attract lots of low quality affiliates, many of whom will produce minimal results, and eat into your management time, and give you more problems with fighting fraud (I am not saying all small sites are frauds, but you have to allow for the fact that some sites, especially smaller ones will give you this problem).

From your selection, I would say that (B) is the one most likely to produce leads [as it will attract bigger sites], but only if you put some serious effort into getting your affiliate program known [as it will only attract big sites if they know about your program]


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