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Default Forum Closed For New Posts

October 9, 2001 - San Diego, California, USA


Almost all of you are a pleasure to host. Unfortunetly, this Forum continues to be abused by members, inspite of the Sticky Posts which document the Rules and Procedures.

Folks continue to:

- Push Posts
- Dream up new offers and not participate in the Community
- Post here and no where else
- "Accidently" post advertising in other Forums for greater exposure inspite of of our Rules.
- The administration of this Forum has become far to labor intensive.

Because of these reasons and others, this Forum and only this Forum is closed for new Posts. The "Queue" has been cleared.

I will need time to evaluate our next step. If you have thoughts on this issue please use our BB Feedback Form and only this Form to send me your thoughts.

My appolagies to the majority of members who realize what a valuable service this is and adhere to the letter and spirit of our Rules. Some of the rest of you will loose your posting privileges.

Thank you.

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