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Default complaint:

Tom Finnell
affiliate ID:ezclan

AffiliateClick has not paid for traffic and clicks delivered from my
website since May 2001. As of this writing, the outstanding
balance is about $4500.

This includes 13,100,000 impressions and 41,800 clicks over a 27 week period at $0.10 CPC and 150,000 popups at $1.50CPM
and 100,000 popus at $1CPM. (traffic stats rounded).

From July 1 until Nov 5, I have sent 16 emails and left 5 messages on the answering machine of LaMonte Forthun,
owner of affiliateclick.

On Sept 3, 2001, I sent an email requesting payment along with
a tabulation of the monies owed.

On Sept 5, 2001, Mr Forthun responded with:

First of all, I'm not denying that I owe you money and it will be taken care of next week...
I understand you are upset with me because I owe you money, I really do and I'd be upset if I were in your shoes too...
My partner, Seton Media, will cut you a check for the full amount,
you should have it next week.
(Ezclan Note: Seton Media appears to have existed briefly as a company looking for investors in an online casino. There is no valid reference to them on the net today. )

No money was forthcoming. I sent another email 3 weeks later
to check on the status. His response on 9/26:

Sorry, I've been out of touch, yes, I'm alive and well and will be getting you that check. We've worked through some stuff and are better prepared to get caught up
Still no money or further correspondence forthcoming.

After 10 days, I sent an email offering to trade a portion of the
monies owed to me for advertising on his network.

His response on Oct 5:

My partner and I are getting squared away with some things to revive AffiliateClick and get caught up with payments. As I've said before...

If you'd like to do an ad swap, we'd be very interested in that as it would be beneficial to both of us and get us out from being behind so we can move forward with other stuff.

Let me know what you'd like to do and we'll see how it works out.

I have sent 5 emails since then and have never been contacted by Mr. Forthun since October 5, 2001. My offer was to trade
1/3 of the balance for advertising credit upon payment of the
remainder. I also offered to accept payments over time. I have
left 3 messages on Mr. Forthun's answering machine with my
TOLLFREE number requesting a callback.

It must be said that AffiliateClicks DID pay regularly for traffic delivered through April of 2001. I have not been paid for traffic since.
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