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Default A tip to higher CPM's

This was passed down to me from a ad rep I befriended last year. She said to never run ROI/ROS ads and you can tell 90% of the ad companies you want to only run I/O (insertion orders). These are much higher paying targeted ads. I gave it a try and told every ad company their rates were too low and if they want ads on my site they can pitch each individual ad campaign to me. About 2-3 months later, I began getting I/O's from some of the ad companies. I have this deal in place with about 10 ad companies. Some of the bigger ones like Fast Click and TF didn't comply, but you'd be surprised how many did. I obviously don't have a 100% fill rate either, but between my inhouse sales, and I/O's I get pretty good rates...nothing under $1.50 ecpm.

You do need to have a well established, marketable site though that generates a lot of traffic. Also some ROI ad companies are still needed for other countries as I have only had IO's for US, UK, and Canada and 95% of all IO's are US. I did need to run my own adserver also to target and cap the campaigns. This month I have 1 I/O for $4.50 ecpm on banners with a 3:24 cap but they want 87k ads a day US only. PHPAdsNew works great for this. After those 3 ads, I then have some smaller I/O's and some house ad sales. But after 11 banners in 24 hours, i do have to resort to 'filler' ads or whatever an adcompany sends me. Has anyone else tried this or had any success stories? The best people in the world to befriend are the people in sales at the ad companies.
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