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Here's a suggestion for content sites that are having trouble making money from affiliate/advertising programs:

1) dump all the "not worth it" advertising on you content site. Shoot, make your visitors happy and dump it all.

2) secure one (or more) other domain(s), separate from your content site. Develop this domain has a purely commercial enterprise. Target a specific, high-paying demographic (casinos, financial services, whatever). Don't pick a topic that needs frequent updates (ie, no freebie sites).

3) Fill the new site(s) with sales "content" (visitors to this site will be there because they want to buy something, hopefully from one of your advertisers). Add as many popups, popunders and text links to as many pages as you can (avoid banners, they just slow things down - text links are much better for converting visitors to payers).

4) Promote the new "commercial" site as necessary. Concentrate your promotions on people who are likely to pay for what your site is promoting.

5) Once all this is done, leave the "commercial" site alone. Go back to developing your content site.

There is no law that says you can only have one website (in the USA, anyway). Take advantage of this.

One for play, the rest for pay.

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