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Originally posted by singloon
actually i'm missing in action more these days here because i'm actually making more money and have less time hehe
Yes singloon - you are not so regular on other forums too these days - which is a pitty because I always like your perspective and technical knowledge on server tweeking, etc No disrespect - I know how valuable time is

I am a massive lurker of these forums. Yes, it is sad when you hear of XYZ and you have to come here to geektalk and do a search to find out whether XYZ really pay!

I guess I am a lurker because I am basically a programmer that finally built up enough confidence to have a go at doing a bit of web entrepreneurship on the side as a hobby - well mainly as fun hehe. So this forum is all background knowledge for me. It took me about six months of luking around webhostingtalk forums before I decided which dedicated server host to go for - call me conservative

So I lurk around here too. Which brings me to another point. I guess the very low effective CPM (regardless of which model you are using CPM, CPA, CPC, etc) means that there is a much higher threshold before even considering affiliate programs, banner networks etc becomes viable. So often on various forums around the web, I read threads in the vein of:

[op] I have a entertainment web site that receives X number of uniques per day/month - which CPM network do you recommend? I applied for X, Y, Z - but I never got a response/they rejected my site!

[respondents] Forget it - networks just don't have the inventory, that segment is crowded, you don't have enough traffic, blah.

For example, I posted here a few weeks ago about which affiliate programs (CJ and others) I should consider and apply to for St. Valentine's Day promotions. I was greatful for the advice I received, and applied and was accepted for the relevent affiliate programs, etc. But, at the end of the day, after sitting down to my PC and going through my email at 8PM in the evening having received all these acceptance/welcome letters, etc, I thought over the cost/benfit of putting time into putting together a Valentine's Day promo - and it just was not worth it. Don't worry, it's not as pathetic as it seems - my site is really new, and current traffic just didn't justify it time wise. My only point is that there is obvioulsy a much higher threshold of traffic required to make effort worthwhile when it comes to promoting affiliate progs, and chasing CPM, etc, these days/

I do have to make a point of agreeing that these forums are well run. That is what makes them valuable. A sign of this is the fact that reputable ad network operators post here too. Cudos to Steve and the team that keep the forums above board.

A rather controversial point I will make is that one of the dissapointing things about these forums (and I feel safe saying this here - whereas on some forums you would get your thread thrown for saying anything controversial) is that I come here to read about what others are saying, what is working for others, and what others are doing to rake in the $$$ from their sites. So often, I click on the good ol' homepage icon in a post to go visit a member's site to see what they are on about - to be bombarded by pop-ups/unders, and well, a heck of a lot of ppc links, noise and crud, and a disapointing visit. Well, I hope I have not been to insulting there - I am not tarring every person with the same brush.

Love and peace to all
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