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Arrow Private Messaging [Max of 200 per member]

All about Private Messaging:

Some folks love it and others hate it. Please use it with discression. If you send one and the other party doesn't wan't to read it they can deny reciept.

I normally have PM turned off. I normally don't respond to questions and issues that should be handled in our Technical Questions Forum where others can learn from your post and or the issue may already be documented. It may also be documented in this Forum.

I'm sensative and respectfull of your desire to "push the buttons" and hope you enjoy the new and improved geek/talk.

We also have a BB Feedback Form and the link to same appears at the top and bottom of every page on geek/talk. All issues related to your membership, our Rules & Procedures, or how we run geek/talk should only use this Form.

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