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Here's the 3 tips I give out the most:

1) Concentrate on high value websites, not faddish websites that generate tons of traffic.

(remember....the ease at which you can build traffic to a website is inversely proportional to the value of that traffic.)

ie. Britney Spears websites generate big traffic fast and little income. Health, financial, and automotive websites take time to build up, but the traffic is gold.

And when Britney Spears and Pokemon and N'Sync all fade away the time you spent on your website will dissapear too. A high value site will continue to earn money ad infinitum.

2) Keep score using dollars and not traffic.

When you're evaluating affiliate programs worry about the bottom line income, not how many cents per click, or what the raw/unique ratio is. Track your dollars. You'd be surprised how many $20.00 CPA programs outperform similar $30.00 CPA programs and how many $0.05 CPC programs out earn $0.10 CPC programs.

3) Learn from others.

When I left for school every morning when I was a boy my grandmother said to me "Keep your eyes and ears open and your mouth shut." (She said it in Italian but you get the idea.) What she meant was learn, learn, learn.

Read all you can about marketing your website. Find out what similar websites to yours are doing. Don't assume that you know everything. You don't.

I've found that the cheapest way to get experience is to learn from other people's mistakes. And the way you find out about this is to keep learning every day and don;t assume you know everything. If Bill Gates doesn't know everything yet you and I don't either.
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