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if you want to double your money psychologically (in divine order of course) this is a tip one of my parents bosses at a restaurant used to do whenever he gave the money out from the cash he wouldn't just GIVE it to worker he would count it but as he counted it he would say 10,20,30 etc.. but would count the money towards him and then give it out so that it would double someday whatever wages he gave out. He was one of the busiest independent restaurants (back then before the franchise industry was nothing). I recall one time when I went to a gas station one dude did the exact opposite when he bought cigarettes he just threw the money at the cashier, psychologically speaking it's as though he didn't want the money and I guess he'd attract loss (ie get more nervous smoke more cigarettes spend more money and attract more loss on cigarette buying than if he were calm about it, smoke less cigarettes and save his money).
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