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Well i will re-post my tips, with a note that ignorance doesn;t make u a better webmaster, u can learn alot of stuff from benchmarking and seeing what others do that was my point. Anyway my tips with #3 changed:

1.) When using CPA sponsor first make sure they are targetted then write a short experience about them, advertise the new article in your news etc, Grreat conversion rates.

2.) When looking for CPM banners remember that it is likely u get a low cpm and chukced out network if you put the banner on pages which not likely to generate clicks. Think long term and short.

3.) Look at our other sites advertise, look at the leaders in the market, benchmark against them, ask them for advice.

4.) Co-operate with webmasters, get yourself ICQ, all my ad deals and traffic deals are done on there
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