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Thumbs up ACOP - Great company

I just have to mention ACOP (American Consumer OPinions) ... they sent me a free Christmas gift (Hershey's chocolates) just for being an affiliate of them. I don't really even send them a lot of signups (about 60 signups per month roughtly).

They pay $0.25 per signup to their "get paid for filling out surveys" program. I get really good conversion rates (of course, my site potofgold is targetted quite well to it), they pay on time every month, and they have recently upgraded their stats which are great now.

So go sign up if they're applicable to your site, BTW, no, I don't work for them, or get some kind of benefit from this post other than helping fellow webmasters, I just think they're a great company.

Darren Hewer
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