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Hi, I am thinking of making an online game much like the once popular film "The never ending story" but not called that. Basically it will be a role play game which people play online and the idea is that they cannot complete it because the game will constantly being made bigger and expanded.

The problems I am having are how I am going to acomplish all the good things of an RPG using html.

{{2 min typing break as n'sync are on the box :-) ****

THe only way around this was to use shockwave flash as this has the ability to be able to remember things like what objects people picked up, which would be a good feature but not necessary but that would require me to learn lots of new skills ( I already have flash installed) and making each scene would take so long that the "never ending" ideal could never be accomplished.

Anyone have any ideas on what to do? thanx.

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