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first, i've got many moron enemies on the net that don't like me for some reason or another. many of my enemies come from boards like this because i call it like it see it, many ad networks r those moron enemies.

here's what happened recently. all the sudden one day i get an email from one of my sponsors that they cancelled my account for suspicious activity.

then the next day i get an anonymous email from one of my moron enemies that they are reporting me for cheating to all my sponsors and list the names of my sponsors. they also took credit for getting the above account cancelled.

a few days after that data com makes it to were i can't log into my account. then the next day all my data com banners show "this account has been deactivated" banner and cancel my account. clearly not a pretty banner to have on ones site. also in the meantime i losing money from the impressions and possible clicks i should be getting from their real banners. then today i get an email from data com saying, "oops we messed up, sorry". my account is back up and all that jazz.

they've got to be joking, u don't do this to someone just because any moron can maleciously report someone for cheating. get the evidence first then cancel them. these ad networks clearly don't think the law applies to them.


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