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There's a great deal of merit in all of the suggestions that you geeks are putting forth and these are things that Team Geek have been talking about implementing for some time.

This thread has been started as a bit of a test. If this 'rules reminder' fails to trigger the appropriate response and slow the spam deluge, we will activate your suggestion, larwee. That is, if people continue to abuse this particular section of the Village, the right to sell a site will be restricted to senior geeks only, thus reducing the volume of drive-by self promotion.

In regards to the other suggestions being made here, I certainly do acknowledge that our existing "Rules" and "Posting Guide" documents are too long and laborious at present. They have understandably become this way after trying to cover every conceivable variable of abuse throughout their seven year existence. Rest assured that I have already begun the process of stripping these back to their bare essentials and will release some less intimidating and more readable rules documents shortly.

Thanks sincerely for the constructive suggestions.

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