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Lots of good info in this thread. I don't have time to read over it all, but I skimmed it and think I can add a little here and there without repeating I hope.

Real quick: In addtion to EPC, also look at the conversion ratio, how many impressions to click thrus to conversions.

Also, if an ad isn't doing well, try another creative and try changing presentation or description. If the product or service you are promoting has a strong point to it, sell the visitor on it (but don't lie or go overboard on it) remember to mention things like free trials or things that make the offer or product popular. Also, if the link you provide gives the visitor a discount or incentive that's not on the product's site or not explained clearly on their site, capitalize on it and mention it! You might be surprised to see the impact it has. I've had offers that have paid in the $20-$30 range only perform at 1%, but finding the right creative and ad layout/description (just make sure it's within guidlines and always be honest) boasted it to 2%-3%.

You can expect some offers, like free offers and offers that don't require a credit card or purchase, to convert better, but pay less. That doesn't mean that the offer isn't any good, though. That's where (as Czar mentioned) looking at the EPC helps. Remember to utilize the tools of networks to see what offers rank high for conversion ratio and epc.

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