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I certainly didn't mean to imply that all freeware is a problem, because it isn't.

I've had a freeware section on my site for several years and I was offering freeware before then. So I do know a few things about freeware.

But, there is a problem as masm50 does suggest. It takes research and it takes a lot more research now than it did a few years ago because it is a much bigger problem.

I haven't updated the freeware section for a long time and I'm considering eliminating it because of all of the extra research that is now required to make sure that people aren't getting problem software.

But, there is an awful lot of great freeware in this world. Some of it is as good or better than the expensive software.

So my reply above was devoted more to dealing with problem freeware and/or adware than it was to all adware and/or freeware. I certainly didn't want to imply that all freeware is bad. That is far from the truth and having been involved in the distribution of freeware for many years I know it isn't all bad.
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