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Jokes4U is administered by (The also run which pays 5 cents a subscriber). I dont know how many subscribers they have, but Im sure John (who works at Tekno) would provide you with that information if you mailed him. He sometime posts on this board as well.

Currently they pay monthly at 5 cents/subscriber. However, they are switching their payments to quarterly on April 1 and will re raising their payout per subscriber. (to what I dont know)

About it being popular, Im not too sure if it is. If it is, it may be due to their setup. You get 5 cents/referal as well as 2 cents a referal you make. So, I place a link on my board. They sign up and I get 5 cents. Then they signup people, and for each they do and get 5 cents from, I make 2 cents. Hope this helps, and like I said, mabye John from Tekno will have some input.


Just looked at their page, and they say that they have over 4,000 webmasters they are paying to. They also say they have sent checks on time each month for the 18 months Jokes4u has been in business.

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