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I think I understand your point and would agree with you in the case of large affiliate networks but in the case of our humble ClickXChange program I would disagree with you. It's one thing for Yahoo to leave no stone unturned but my site is a specialized site, with a targeted audience and a limited budget; its not a network persay.

If I approved every site, the webmasters would have put up the banners and gotten maaaaybe .001 CTR. Wouldn't it just be a waste of time for both the affiliate and the advertiser ? I had sites applying that had no relevance whatsoever to our content. Even if they had a reasonable CTR which seems unlikely, the traffic probably wouldn't be of that high a quality. And for a business with a limited budget that doesn't seem wise.

Well Shiva will just have to forgive me if I indeed am creating "bad Karma", but I really think some of the webmasters bring it on to themselves by applying for programs which don't fit their site. I'm not about to put a poetry banner on a site about MLM's. If I'm wrong about this, someone please correct me; the only thing I'm interested in "getting" is a sound business model and decent traffic, and this seems the smartest route to that goal.
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