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Since this is a sticky thread and there was a new post made to it a few weeks ago I decided to take a new look at the thread to see if there are any important tips to help you avoid being kicked out of AdSense that should be added and I came up with a couple.

It is very important that you read the Terms Of Service and try to understand what is said. Google calls it Google AdSense Online Standard Terms and Conditions. It is also important that you keep up with the changes that Google makes to those terms and conditions. Google makes it clear that it is your responsibility to keep up with the changes. When they make changes, they tell which sections of the Google AdSense Online Standard Terms and Conditions have been changed.

You can be approved and things can change after you have been approved. Something that was allowed when you were approved may no longer be allowed. Something that wasn't allowed when you were approved may now be allowed. There are also several changes and additions they can make. It is essential that you do everything possible to comply with their Terms Of Service.

Another very important thing to keep in mind is what you should do if you aren't postive about something. If you aren't sure or if you have any doubts, you should Always contact Google and ask them. Don't try to do something if you aren't positive it is something that Google will allow.

If you make it a point to comply with the Google AdSense Online Standard Terms and Conditions and always contact Google when you aren't sure about something, you are helping yourself to avoid big potential problems.
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