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Originally posted by JustSurfing
I am using some standard links to some search engine affiliates... two methods I would prefer would be only internal links, not outbound, would cause the pop... Or, some sort of code to bypass the link pops. I'd prefer the first option (internal links) though, because if someone clicks an outbound link, they may get dual pops like an exit pop.. that would hurt performance and doubly annoy the visitor.
It's funny you say this as I was thinking of adding those two options to the click method. It would be fairly easy to differentiate inbound links and outbound by just checking the domain in the href.

I'm also thinking about giving the ability to select an alternate ad when faced with a blocker where your current ad won't bypass or convert (either because of size or setting). The alternate ad could be another pop that you know can be converted on both browsers ( for instance .. or perhaps an invue or popin. I don't know if would go for that though.

Also, is there an option to force the pop only without any sort of conversion?
Yeap, you can configure it to your liking (clicking the methods open up more options).

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