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Default Video sharing sites given a welcome reprieve via the US Courts

A quite astounding court ruling in a case between an adult video producer and popular video sharing site Veoh Networks (which, incidentally, no longer supports adult content) seems to have paved the way for all video sharing sites to breathe a collective sigh of relief.

Veoh was granted a ruling that effectively put the onus on copyright holders to notify the site of suspected breaches, rather than expecting Veoh staff to manually monitor the site's content to guard against the distribution of copyrighted material. This comes in the wake of several lawsuits against YouTube which, as anyone who has used the service will no doubt agree, is absolutely littered with unlicensed copyrighted content. This ruling seems to offer YouTube a strong layer of protection against future lawsuits, as long as they remove offending material after being notified by copyright holders.

It seems to give YouTube and other video aggregation sites the ability to plead ignorance if challenged over their content and to leave copyrighted material available until such time as they do receive a complaint (which could be indefinitely if the copyright holder is unable to track down their material in every corner of the web).

For more on this, see the following article:

What do you think of this ruling? Do you agree that video sharing sites should be given the benefit of the doubt, while profiting from unlicensed copyrighted material, or should they be assigned some level of responsibility in actively filtering submissions to ensure that clips from popular movies and TV series don't find their way on to the sites, unless the producers of those programs are provided with a royalty kick-back?

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