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What do you mean where is the news? Newest news was posted 2 days ago, thats not too static, is it? Sorry, I have finals and I'm practicing my lines for graduation so I dont have much time. The pills are a mistake (I used the wrong background for something, I'll change it soon. ) . Ok, I use postnuke as once again, as a 13 year old, I know nothing about coding PHP, just using it. I picked up a book and I'm on the section about include() so bear with me while I learn. I dont know how to make the URLs nondinamic without using some kind of frame or something, so I'll try that. The news on my site is there (theres just no date on it, I'll try to fix that soon.) I have a mailerdomo mailing list manager, so I'll be gettin that newsletter up as soon as possible. Thanks for your help people!
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