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From your site

The program works very simply -- you start at ten percent, and after you refer more clients, your percentage will go up by 1%, up to a total of 30%. Refer fifteen clients, and you get fifteen percent of what we get from those clients.
Unless I'm misreading it, I think you need to edit the wording: 10 + 15 X 1 % = 25% ?

I see from your post here that it's really 10 + ( 15 - 10 ) X 1% = 15% as you

Regarding commissions it also needs to be clear if this is a residual for on-going hosting fees or not, what minimum checks are, terms of agreement

Your competition for the higher end accounts is Virtualis' lower end, e.g. the MINI

Your competition for good affiliates is Virtualis too. They have 25% commission, but I understand they are changing their program in the near future.

On the subject of web hosts with affiliate programs, NitroMax have a nice looking program too, and they offer 24% commission

And btw, in my opinion, there is a gap in the market for a lower-end solution with an affiliate program, rather like your cheaper accounts.

If you want to recruit smaller affiliates, you should get in one of the networks with combined commission checks, like Commission Junction

Hosting features - What do people want?

Judging my the regularity of this topic on the webmaster's forum, more traffic allowance.

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