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Question Whats wanted in a webhosting program for web developers?

Howdy folks,

After our immense success with our TownServer and GetServer projects, I have decided to start a new company, ThinkHost which will provide webhosting at very competitive rates. You can check the site out at

What I am looking for though is what would make webmasters switch? Currently we are offering free web hosting to any web development company, and also up to 30% of all fees (first through tenth client = 10% each, and then increasing in 1% with each client for ALL accounts). But I am curious if there are some sorts of other things that people want in a web referral program.

We are set on becoming the best web hosting firm around, and developing the same sort of reputation we have developed previously with other projects -- a reputation for reliability, stability, service, and unbeatable prices.

What do you think of our pricing??

Pretty much any comments are welcome, I am looking for feedback. Although our order system is not yet quite finished, we intend to go live by Monday, and I'd really like to get feedback on where we should head and what people really need.

So please check out the site and let me know what you think and where you think we should head. Any ideas are very much welcomed!


Vladislav Davidzon
Senior Partner
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