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Unhappy (Answers 2000), CJ affiliate program

Steve has been kind enough for me to post a copy of our affiliate program announcement that went out via CJ's internal mail system today.

I have spoken to CJ and they're helping me get out an e-mail version of our message as well. I am trying to make sure all affiliates are informed.

As I say in the message below, this only affects - and none of our other sites.

Dear Affiliate

I would like to thankyou for your continued participation in our affiliate program. I have some important news regarding the affiliate prorgam, so I urge you to read this e-mail carefully.

1. The Good News

Although the main focus of our company has changed somewhat in the past year. Our primary focus is now on our software business, especially and its affiliate program (Note:'s affiliate program is not currently available in CJ). However, we also intend to continue, and expand, the affiliate program.

As you are probably aware, CJ has recently introduced a number of important changes to their system including some prices rises which affect merchants. Although we are unhappy about some of these changes, I want to make absolutely clear that we currently have no intention of discontinuing our affiliate program - in fact we aim to expand and improve both the web site and its affiliate program.

To this end, we are initiated steps to considerably improve the site: we are upgrading our server and connection speed (at considerable expense I might add). In the long run this will benefit our users by providing them with a faster site, and our affiliates, by hopefully improving the conversion ratio of visitors into leads.

2. The Bad News

Upgrading our connection speed requires a new installation from our telecoms provider. Although we ordered the upgrade in May, they have not yet performed the installation (they have a tremendous backlog of installations to complete), and probably will not do so for another 1-2 weeks.

The practical consequence of this is that for a brief period, we will be unable to accept new member registrations (and hence you will not generate leads).

We currently anticipate this period will last from approximately 26th June to 13th of July. We will try to complete the upgrade as quickly as possible, - possibly sooner - but because matters are not fully under our own control, there is only so much we can do. Apologies.

3. What You Should Do

i) We want our affiliates to earn money from our own and other affiliate programs, so I would urge you to remove our affiliate banners and/or links during this period ONLY.

ii) If you are a member of one of other affiliate programs (,, etc.) then please be aware that these sites are on different servers - so will continue to operate as normal during this period.

iii) Check our site,, on about 13th July. As soon as the normal introductory page reappears (there may be a delay of a day or two depending on your ISP), then you can restore your affiliate links to and continue to earn money through our affiliate program.

iv) If you inadvertedly forget to remove one of your affiliate links and/or you do not remove them during the upgrade period, then CJ will continue to set cookies on the user's system. Therefore if you send a user via your affiliate link during the interval and they sign up on say 14th July, you will be credited for this lead.

4. CJ's Involvement

We have contacted CJ to make them aware of this process, so they should be aware of this upgrade: however I am not sure if there is anything that they can do to make this process more straightforward. If they provide us any advice that we can pass on to you, we will do so.

Once again apologies, but I do feel this upgrade is worth it. I will send another announcement message when the upgrade is complete, and if you have questions you can e-mail me personally at Please put HITS4ME AFFILIATE in the subject line.

Also I would like to thankyou once again for your continued participation in the affiliate program, and I look forward to continuing to work with you in future.

Best Regards
Sunil Tanna

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