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Lightbulb Round 3 for his buddy.

Pick your friends wisely. You WILL be judged by the Comapny you keep along with your own actions. To wit:

Many of the articles on Begg-Smith quote his lifleong friend named Andrew Forin. Forin defends him and praises him in glowing terms. Both his athletic ability and his business accume. Just after the last 2 stories broke (which I posted) another investigator exstroidianre has a lot to say about Forin.

Forin was a SPAMMER and get rich quick chain letter pusher. Even more:

Exstract: "What's more, Forin is a pop-up spammer, just like his old buddy. In 2004, Forin sent out spams advertising his site, In the messages, Forin sought to purchase "US pop up/under or banner traffic."


Our very own thread on Forins company:

Ready for round 3? <chuckle>
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