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I am already in love with CPA.

The issue here is sorting through the many programs/campaigns/networks out there. And finding a good fit for you, personally.

A good idea is an easy action, even if each one pays less than a difficult action. An example would be balancing, say, $2 for a good, legit, credit card application compared to $20 for an approved, issued card.

Running simple, easy lead offers is great. I sent them the prospect (and got paid a small amount), and now it is their responsibility to generate a larger revenue from that customer.

On the other hand, I try to do all types of payment-structures. The easy-cheap, up to the hard-expensive commissions. A 25-cent form, up to a $100 credit card merchant account. (Along with, of course, CPC and CPM networks that I mostly leave on "autopilot.") But, mostly, my CPA revenue is in between.

Also, loving CPA is related to your content, and how you present it. It is vital to integrate text links into your content. Make it into a personal communication... "This product, which relates to this article, is cool," rather that just slapping some generic banner up at the top of the article.

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