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Question What would make you fall in love with CPA programs?

There were some interesting replies when I started this thread called What do you hate about CPA programs

There were also many interesting replies when I turned it around in this thread and asked What do you like about CPA programs

I have decided to take it to another level with this thread called What would make you fall in love with CPA programs?

The hope is that this will generate responses from people who are using or have used CPA programs and just aren't all that pleased with them as well as people who are using them and are satisfied with them but would like to see things improve.

This type of information can be helpful to people who are just getting started as well as people who are considering CPA programs but have a lot of questions about them.

Several years ago I was a big CPA fan. I still participate in several CPA programs but I'm not all that excited with them. But I know there are many things I could do that would get me much more excited over the income produced by them.

In my case it is a matter of time and spending more time doing the things I really like to do, as well as being a little spoiled.

I love producing content a lot more than I enjoy dealing with everything required to get CPA programs to produce as well as they are capable of producing, and under the right circumstances it is possible to have some outstanding earnings with CPA programs.

I got spoiled by Google's AdSense. When you find what works for you, it is just a matter of placing the code and not worrying about it. Besides the sites that I like to produce just happen to work very well with AdSense.

There are sites that don't do well with AdSense and probably wouldn't do well with any of the AdSense clones. Some of them get better results with CPM or CPA programs.

Of course not everyone is going to have the same opinion if for no other reason than not everyone has the same type of sites.

I would instantly fall in love with CPA programs if one of the big names came up with a good contextual CPA program.

You bet! I would be so happy that I would start dancing in the street, hire some cheerleaders to shout C-P-A and get a giant CPA tattoo on my chest.

The important issue with this is it must be one of the big names and it must be a good contextual CPA program. They would have lots of advertisers, there wouldn't be the worry about getting paid or any of the various other concerns caused with small and/or new operations.

Google has contextual CPM. I would love to see them add contextual CPA. Maybe Yahoo will consider doing it when they get things working better with their Yahoo Publisher Network. It would be nice if Microsoft would offer it when their MSN adCenter has a program for publishers.

I love producing content sites and I had them and enjoyed them long before AdSense arrived. In fact, I was doing them before Google went into business.

For people such as myself who enjoy making content sites, contextual CPA would be terrific. It would allow us to do what we like doing and also enjoy some of the potential good financial rewards that can be achieved with CPA.

How about you? Is there something you would like to see that would make you like CPA programs more? Do you have some suggestions for those who run CPA programs that you feel would make their programs much more attractive?

What would make you fall in love with CPA programs?
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