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Question Designing 'Dream' affiliate program

Hello all,

This is my first post to this forum, so I'll keep it fairly brief.

I'm a small business consultant, and have recently been selected
to spearhead a new affiliate program. (don't worry, I'm not
promoting it... yet :-) We are in the early development stages
when having the perspective of active affiliates would be
extremely valuable to us in creating our program.

I've been reading a lot of material online that talks about what
affiliates don't like about many programs, and I've also seen
quite a bit written about programs from the merchants
perspective... what I haven't really found is an affiliates wish
list. The 'dream' program that offered everything an affiliate
could want. Does anyone know of such a resource? Or perhaps you
could share what a 'dream' program would include for you.

Thanks in advance for your help and feedback.

Bob Cortez

PS. If you're curious about me and what else I do, my site is at (Not the affiliate program site)

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