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Unhappy The low value of heavy-duty content sites

I wanted to get everyone thinking for a minute about heavy-duty content sites (sites that take 8-10 hours a week to maintain or more) and how much they would be worth when sold.

My thesis is that unless they are producing a very substantial revenue stream, in the many $000s a month, they are essentially worth nothing at all because the effort required by the new owner to keep them maintained to the same standard as the previous owner will be "worth" more than the time invested!

For instance (this *is* a fictional example) if I was trying to sell a site with 25,000 unique visitors a month and 100,000 pageviews, and which generated $800 a month, but which required 15 hours a week of solid work to keep it updated, then my hypothesis is that this would be one deal where it's just traffic for the sake of traffic! Taking over a site like this would really slap handcuffs on your ability to work on other sites and projects.

I mention this because a lot of the sites for sale on this and other forums are similar to the above. Just something to think about, perhaps?


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