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Lightbulb Promote your site

ABUSE PROCEDURES INVOKED. Locking thread. by Steve_S/Admin

I hope WildComputer, Arn, Aaron Dragushan will forgive me for this post

As I see many people in this forum are looking for a quick and stable way to promote their site. This topic has been beaten to the ground many times already, and no real answer was found.

It is an impossible task to have your site listed in Yahoo categories. And if you do submit your site to AltaVista, your site wont be shown in top 100 search results. It is true that search engines give you the most visitors. It is true, really. But only if you enslave yourself by submitting your site over and over every day. Vaste of time, isn't it?

FFA lists? Nobody visit them anyway, except may be you. And even if 10 or 20 people accidentally get there, they wont see your tiny link in overcrowded FFA list. FFA is good only for email spamming, when you give them your email address, and that's it.

Banner/link exchanges? Oh yea, big help! Usually they display 2 of your banners if you display 3 of their. Do you care about the content? You better be, because these LinkExchange networks can't possibly control thousands of banners every minute, and more likely you will get a porno banner on your auction site.

Recommend you site to a friend over email. That's a good one! You visit someones site, give them your email address, and get junk messages every week or so. How many time do you think I did that for the past five years? None, zero, net, non, no ... Just forget it.

I could go over and over describing the beauty of site promotion, but lets not waste the space and bandwidth of good-old "" server

At , we offer you may be not the best for 'newbies', but surely effective site promotion for those who learned their HTML. I am talking about the Top Sites traffic exchange program, where you are in control of everything that goes in and out, where you are in control of the content, and where your site will be getting targeted visitors. It has been proven before, and it always works, that Top Sites ranking systes is one ultimate site promotion tool. How would you like to have an extra 5000 or 10000 buyers come to your auction? Great! And how would you like thousands of other auction sites to have a banner/link to your auction site? Even better! Well here you go, you don't even need to know CGI, Java, ASP, PHP, or whatever else is out there -- it's all done for you already.

You prabobly wandering what that the "Top Sites" is, and what you cook it with. Let me tell you the basics of how this program work.
Top Sites is a banner/link traffic exchange program, that ranks member sites by the number of visitors they have. The higher your rankings, the more visitors will come to your site from the Top Sites. Once you signup, you will be given an HTML code that you will copy/paste into your site. Some of your current visitors will click the 'voting' banner/link, and will bring your site a little higher in the Top Sites rankings bringing you even more visitors back. Lovely, isn't it?
There's more: At you don't have to signup for someone elses Top Sites -- you can get your own Top Sites ranking system for free. At we use an advanced ranking system developed by Solution Scripts, which is sold (right now) for $250. If you can't afford this price or don't want to pay for it, we don't care -- we already paid that price for you.

Please review some of the features that will be available to you at your Free Top Sites ranking system:

1. Variable editting completely browser based.
2. Counts out-going hits.
3. Ability to split the rankings up among many pages.
4. Gateway or double cgi protection option available.
5. Daily system and member stats.
6. Bulk Email to all members.
7. Admin and Member editing of account.
8. IP blocking to deter cheaters.
9. Total control over colors and look.
10. Ease of customization (headers and footers for all pages)
11. You decide how you want your members to be ranked:
- Total hits in
- Hits in current day
- Hits in current week
- Hits in current month
- Hit/day average
12. User selects their account name.
13. Reminds member if they forgot their account name.
14. Members stats shows total in and out for that day, as well as their rank on that day.
15. Admin editable html code for members sites.
16. 4 configurable "Site of the Moment" slots.
17. Ability to change fonts and colors for sites throught the rankings.
18. Different headers, footers and ad breaks for every ranking page.
19. Delete members whose account where never activated.
20. HTML support.
21. Free system upgrades.
Plus much more!

Please, before making any serious decisions, review our privacy statement that can be found here:
... and the agreement on signup form that can be found here:

This is not an advertisement, but a useful suggestion. I've tried to make this statement short, really I did. If you find this message to be offensive, fell free to harass me back by email at

Best regards,

Pavel Golovko

The Web's leading provider of Free Top sites hosting

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