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Cool Copyright, Public Domain, Articles + Deep Linking questions

Thanks I have some questions that I wonder if anybody knows the answer to:

1. Where can I get public domain articles, documents, texts ? These are for a number of new web sites I am putting together. Currently I am looking for articles on cars, travel, astrology, credit/debt, webmaster-stuff, shareware - plus possibly more in future
[plus i would be willing to trade somebody else's set articles on a theme for links etc]

2. I have read that documents produced by the US federal government are public domain (according to a number of copyright web sites). Is this true ? I also read that the text is public domain but the HTML may not be depending on which site - one site advises removing formatting, graphics, etc. - anybody know the situation ? Can I assume any federal .gov site is public domain info ?

3. Is it okay to deep link to HTML documents on a government web site ? I figured out the search method for a really good one, and I'd like to use it on my site - but I'm scared to ?

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