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Question Affiliate Programs....?

i work in affiliate sales at
> we have in excess of 15,000 affiliates and they produce a huge amount of
> revenue for us as well as making a lot of money for themselves.
> we have some guys that make a couple thousand dollars a month in affiliate
> revenue alone from linking to
> we also use linkshare as our affiliate company. a lot of companies charge
> b/t 30-40 bucks CPM for their advertising on a monthly basis--on average an
> affiliate of ours can very easily exceed that.
> linkshare has some great tools you can use as an affiliate or a merchant
> using that system. the analysis of the #'s is very thorough and gives you
> a very good idea of what links work best and where on the site and what your
> visitors tend to buy and how much $$ you will get as an affiliate.
>'s affiliate program has been a booming success--if you have a
> website and would like to join or want further information- by all means
> e-mail me or phone me i can you signed up or refer you to someone who can
> help you. i primarily deal with art sites but I will see what i can do for
> you.
> my number is below
> email:
> Tony Nelan
> Affiliate Sales at
> (312) 360-0100 extension 2318
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