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Welcome to our Barter/Trade, Buy, & Sell Forum. All topic/posts in this Forum require a payment of $9.95 per topic and you must be a Member in good standing with posting privileges to purchase your advert. This procedure insures the survival of geek/talk and helps reduce SPAM and traffic extraction. Click here to learn more and purchase your advertisement.

Read what our Members think:

"GeekVillage's geek/Marketplace rocks! At the time of writing, I have posted 7 advertisements in the Barter/Trade, Buy, & Sell Forum and have gotten the results I wanted nearly every single time. I will definately be back for more when the time comes. Thanks!" Member Jokes-Central

Topics include but not limited to:
  • Help Wanted - Resume
  • Surveys
  • Affiliate Program Announcements
  • Hosting
  • Software/Scripts
  • Coding - Development Work
  • Sell Advertising for your site
  • Trade/Barter goods or services
Any posts which offer to barter/trade, buy, sell, announce, survey, or extract traffic is forbidden anywhere else in the geek/talk Forums.

Our Website For Sale - Purchase - Barter - Trade Forum and Barter/Trade Links Forum remain free of charge subject to the Sticky Posts at the top of each Forum. Your topic post must be a perfect and 100% pure fit in either of these two Forums. If it's not, please Click here to learn more and purchase your advertisement.

Non compliant posts in any of our Forums will be removed and the member immediately banned. Please note, we do not issue warnings.

Thank you and good luck

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