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Sorry, I was not directly comparing our company to Google once Iread the post i laughed to myself a bit because that is kind of how it came off. Look I understand your skeptisism and I do understand. However we are trying to establish ourselves and we are fully testing to make sure there are no bugs once we hit primetime. We are putting in place some measures that we feel will ultimately make publishers feel more comfortable signing on with a new network. This includes payment every two-weeks with a variety of payment options. We will however be very selective on the publishers we allow to remain in our network since we will be paying very high CPM rates. A good portion of our clients are looking for Branding and are well known names including companies such as Blockbuster and Apple that are launching new products and services and want to increase awareness. Please be patient as more will be revealed when we offically launch. There is an advertiser portal which is very similar to CPAempire, CJ and Linkshare however the goals of these campaigns are not always sales. Expect to see a lot of Movies in the new year Cryptic enoough?

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