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I just don't understand how it takes 300+ employees to run alot of these internet companies. Especially the ones that don't have a brick and mortar counterpart store.

One good example is AllAdvantage. They had 300 employees? Why???? Paid4Surf was created by a 15 year old in his basement and was run by less than 10 people. Surfing Prizes(now defunct) was ran by 3-4 people.

I think the future of internet profitable companies will be in smaller companies WHO HAVE EXPERIENCE ON THE WEB and know what the hell they are doing. Just because Joe Blow has a degree from M.I.T. doesn't mean he knows how to actually get visitors to a website. Once they're there can he keep them there(stickiness)? Can he SELL a product to a visitor?

oh....but he has a degree........

Nothing makes up for experience.
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