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Default International Traffic Spike

One of the games on my site has seen a gigundous spike in international traffic as a result of some fat guy named Ronaldo. While this is ultimately good for me, the revenues aren't all that hot. But it does raise an interesting question about default eCPMs.

Because AwfulGames is essentially a new site, I didn't bother setting any default eCPM thresholds with Casale (my primary). When I got to looking at the CPM rates, I noticed that the international ads are way lower than US ads. So, in the event that I had gone ahead and set my thresholds, I would've lost out on a ton of potential revenue.

This leads me to wonder... Do you suppose it would be worthwhile to lobby our networks to separate out the international ads so that they don't get excluded as a result of being below the minimum payment threshold? I mean, I'd be glad to exclude low-paying US ads... but I don't want to give away my international impressions for free.

Anyway, 'twas just a thought. Figured I'd share and see what you folks thought.
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