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Boy o boy can I relate to your story

Some additional thoughts in no particular order:

1) Go to my "student" site at Then select Jobs in the drop down at the top and then some terms. Don't forget your City or you will get zillons. You are searching ** all ** the major job sites in one easy to use procedure.

2) You need to prepare a "web compliant" Resume and each of those sites you hit in #1 above will guide you on your submission, format, etc.

3) Don't forget you can work for anyone on planet earth without leaving the comfort of your own Geek office. Virtual employment might be an appropriate term for this.

4) Believe it or not their are still a few employers that want a Resume on dead trees Via the USPO. A few quick thoughts on this issue. You need a "Cover Letter" and a Resume. Both are a single page and no more. The cover letter should always be sent to a particular person and never to something like "Human Resources" etc.

HTH and best of luck and congrats on a best seller.

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